Geriatric Care

India stands a dismal 73rd in the list of 91 countries, according to Global Age Watch Index-2013, on the well being of the elderly in a rapidly ageing world.This rank is based on a UN backed study.

Age Care Foundation is providing basic health care to elderly persons living in the community and also in old age homes. Care is provided through out patient clinics and visits to old age homes.

The services include the provision of basic health checkups to about 1200 senior citizens each month through outpatient clinics and visits to old-age homes. For this, the part time services of four doctors (including the Managing Trustee, Dr NS Raju) all of whom are volunteers, one nurse and a driver are available. Most of the administrative work, including dispensing of medicines, maintenance of records etc. is managed by a team of highly dedicated volunteers, who are mostly senior citizens.

About nine clinics in different parts of the city and surrounding areas are run. Based on the number of patients in each of the clinics the clinics are run either once in a month or once in a week. All clinics are run as per a fixed schedule. Patients are registered and medical records maintained manually as well as digitally. Free medicines are provided to all the deserving patients. Most of the patients  treated suffer from chronic non-communicable diseases like Diabetes, Hypertension, Osteo-arthritis etc.