Home Care Services

Age Care Foundation is now providing home care services for patients needing Palliative Care. This has been made possible because of the generous assistance from Two Worlds Cancer Collaboration, Canada and Pain Relief & Palliative Care Society, Hyderabad.

These services are for the benefit of the patients who are unable to access health care either because of a serious disease, disability or age related frailty that prevents them from visiting hospitals or other care centres. Persons suffering from life-limiting conditions like advanced cancer form the majority of the patients availing of the Home Care Service.

The services are provided by a team led by a Medical officer trained in palliative care and comprises of a trained nurse, conselor and volunteer. The medical van covers whole of the city of Visakhapatnam and its surrounding up to a radius of 30 km from the city centre. All visits are scheduled before hand and informed to the patient's families.

Care involves general examination, evaluation of symptoms, couseling, training the family care givers, changing urinary catheters & feeding tubes when required and dispensing necessary medications.

Patients under home care are shifted to hospice care as and when there is need for more attention and monitoring. Patients with terminal illness generally make many visits from home to hospice and back before they pass away because of the advanced disease.

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