Hospice Care

Age Care Foundation has been running a hospice since 2013 in association with St. Joseph’s Hospital, an organization of high repute established more than a half century ago. They have kindly provided their premises with amenities free of cost, and the Foundation takes care of all the running expenses and services including nursing, medical consultations, medicines, disposables etc. At present the average utilization of beds is about 130 patient days per month. The Hospice is run 24 X 7 with a Help Line phone available round the clock.

The Hospice has the part time services of three doctors for palliative care, that includes Dr NS Raju, Dr Vidya Viswanath and Dr U.Usha Rani. All have received professional training in pain and palliative medicine. At present the Hospice has the services of six nurses and eight volunteers.

The Hospice works closely with various private and public sector hospitals to identify patients needing palliative care. In particular, there is a close working relationship with Homi Bhabha Cancer Hospital and Research Centre, Aganampudi, Visakhapatnam. All their patients who need institutional palliative care are referred to Age Care Foundation's Hospice. They also provide continuous support to the patients whenever there is a need for their opinion or intervention (Medical as well as Surgical).

Patients are also referred from all the leading hospitals providing cancer treatment in Visakhapatnam. Patients are also referred by oncology centres from Hyderabad, Vellore, Mumbai etc.