Be a Sustaining member

You can join the ACF family as 'Sustaining Member" by contributing annual membership fees of Rs.10,000/-.

Member ship can also be held jointly by two persons.





S.No Name City 2016-17 2017-18 2018-19
 1  Mr P.V.G.K Murthy  Visakhapatnam
 2  Mrs P Kirishna Kumari  Visakhapatnam  
3  Dr T.V.S Rao      
4  Mrs T Padma Rao      
 5  Dr N Satyanarayana Raju  Visakhapatnam
 6  Mrs N Radhika Devi  Visakhapatnam
 7  Mr P Kesava Rao  Visakhapatnam
 8  Mrs P Madhavi  Visakhapatnam
 9  Mr K Ramabrahmam  Visakhapatnam
 10  Mrs K Sarva Lakshmi  Visakhapatnam    
11  Dr K Bhaskara rao  Visakhapatnam
12  Mr K Satya Shree  Visakhapatnam    
13  Prof V Balamohandas  Visakhapatnam  ∗ 
14  Dr D Raghunadha Rao  Visakhapatnam  
15  Mrs K Uma Devi  Visakhapatnam    
16  Mr R.V Ramana Rao  Visakhapatnam  
17  Dr R.S.R Vara Lakshmi  Visakhapatnam  
18  Mrs V Shyamala  Visakhapatnam    
19  Mr I.E Ranga Rao  Visakhapatnam
20  Dr D Joga Lakshmi  Visakhapatnam
21  Mr B Prabhakara Sharma  Visakhapatnam  
22  Mr B Jagadish Babu  Visakhapatnam  
23  Mr C.V Kumar  Visakhapatnam  
24  Mr P Sai Kumar  Visakhapatnam  
25  Mr P Gangadhar  Visakhapatnam  
26  Mr A Ashok  Visakhapatnam  
27  Mr A Annie  Visakhapatnam  
28  Mr Kartha  Visakhapatnam  
29  Mr A Vishal  Visakhapatnam  
30  Mr P.V Ananthanarayan  Chennai  
31  Mr Harish Ananthanarayan  Chennai  
 32  Mrs Usha Ananthanarayan  Chennai   ∗   ∗